Does Pregnancy Reverse Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a permanent hair reduction treatment. While it does not permanently remove hair, it reduces unwanted body hair for the rest of the patient’s life. The one worry patients have is about hormonal hair growth during or after pregnancy, menopause, or due to certain medical conditions. So, does pregnancy reverse laser hair removal?

No, pregnancy should have little to no effect on laser hair removal results. It is normal for patients to see a slight increase in fine, thin hair growth in treated areas, but it is not enough to be considered a reversal of laser hair removal. The one exception to this is if a patient did not finish the full number of sessions. This can lead to thicker hair growth than if they completed the full treatment regimen. 

Even in this circumstance, the hair often still comes in lighter and finer. However, patients do not need to worry much about their laser hair results in conjunction with laser hair removal. If a patient has other hormonal hair growth due to a medical condition, the hair can be more stubborn, even against laser hair removal.  Often, it requires regular ongoing sessions.

As hormone levels even out after pregnancy, patients tend to see hair growth decrease to the levels it was following their laser hair removal. Quicker or thicker hair growth after pregnancy is generally temporary and will resolve.

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Dr. Sumeet Jindal
Dr. Sumeet Jindal
Dr. Jindal is a board certified surgeon who offers surgical and non-surgical cosmetic services in Raleigh, North Carolina.