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Lip Lift, Raleigh, NC

If plump lips are an aesthetic you love – but aren’t sure you have – you’re most likely searching for the best lip enhancement on the market. By now, you’re probably knee-dip in lip filler ads, lip plumping treatments, and lip enhancement products, trying your best to decipher which ones are legit and which ones do nothing but give your lips a tingling, glossy shine. Or, maybe you’ve been doing the lip filler song and dance for years and want something a little more natural and permanent. 

If any of this sounds familiar, a lip lift may be the ideal solution to your plump lip goals. At JIYA Cosmetics, Dr. Jindal is a lip lift expert – so you don’t have to be.

Not Your Average Lip Plumping Treatment

A perfect lip-plumping solution is right under your nose; we don’t even mean it literally. (Well, maybe a little.)

All jokes aside, a lip lift isn’t your average lip-plumping treatment. Instead, it’s a cosmetic procedure that shortens the distance between the nose and lip by lifting the upper lip and creating a beautiful bow-shaped appearance. Traditionally, a lip lift was used in conjunction with a facelift but has been refined as a stand-alone surgery. Today, it’s a permanent solution to lip plumping and creates a perfectly plump pout. 

How Does A Lip Lift Work?

Instead of explaining the exhausting details of surgical methods, we’ll break down a lip lift, Raleigh, in two parts: 

  • First, Dr. Jindal creates an incision underneath the nose and removes skin in the space between the tip of the nose and upper lip. 
  • Second, he can pull the lip upward, enhancing the natural shape and volumizing the red area of the lip.

Essentially, the goal of a lip lift is to naturally increase the red area of the upper lip by shortening the distance between the nose’s tip and the lip’s bow. 

Why Not Just Get Lip Filler?

Look, we aren’t saying lip filler is wrong. If it were a bad option, it wouldn’t be so popular. But lip fillers aren’t a permanent lip-plumping treatment. It can get tiresome to keep up with injection sessions where the outcome isn’t always the same. There’s no question that lip fillers provide a beautiful aesthetic, but it’s not always the most natural. 

A lip lift, Raleigh, is a different approach to lip enhancement. Instead of injecting the lips with a dissolvable filler, we use your natural lips to create a shape tailored to your unique features. If you are looking for a permanent but natural pout, a lip lift may be exactly what you need.

Styles Of Lip Lifts

We already know that a lip lift works by shortening the distance between the nose tip and upper lip, but other styles of lip lifts make the procedure a customizable experience.

 (It’s like finding the perfect custom shampoo subscription. But for your lips. And it’s permanent.) 

Customization is what makes this surgery stand out. Only some people want to focus solely on the bow part of their upper lip. At JIYA Cosmetics, Dr. Jindal provides variations of lip lifts for other aesthetic areas. These lip lift styles include: 

  • Central Lip Lift: A central lip lift is what we talked about in the breakdown. It highlights the center, or bow of the lips and pulls it higher to the tip of the nose. 
  • Corner Lip Lift: The corner lip lift, or subnasal lip lift, pulls the corner areas of the upper lip to create an elegant look with more volume. It removes the skin around the upper corners of the mouth to naturally upturn the lips and create a bow-like pout for those with elongated lips. It’s common for a central and corner lip lift to be combined. 
  • Subnasal Bullhorn: The subnasal bullhorn lifts the entire upper lip through three incisions under the nose and on each side. It pulls the entire upper lip closer to the nose tip for a uniform, pouty look. (We also think the name could be better.)      

How Do I Choose A Style?

The list above has a lot of great options for your lip lift, Raleigh. But how on earth do you know which one to get? Luckily, you don’t have to make this decision alone. Whether you always know what you want or are like me and get stressed out by what to eat for dinner, consulting with an experienced cosmetic surgeon is the best way to find your lip-lift style. 

At JIYA Cosmetics, Dr. Jindal is one of those cosmetic surgeons who wants to help you find a solution that works for you. During a consultation, either in person or virtually (thank you technology), he finds the ideal lip lift for your facial structure and pouty lip goals.

What To Expect

Your first step is always a consultation with an experienced provider. It’s okay to ask questions about their experience and practice. When talking with any provider, you should ask honest questions about things you want to know. Some good questions to ask may include: 

  • What is your experience with lip flips and cosmetic surgery? 
  • Are you board-certified? 
  • Do you have prior experience with this surgery? 
  • Do you think I’m a good candidate for this surgery? 
  • What are realistic expectations? 
  • What does recovery look like? 

You should always work with a provider that listens to you and answers your questions with transparency. Dr. Jindal is happy to listen, understand, and answer with honesty. 

Your Lip Lift Surgery

Your lip lift, Raleigh, will probably take less than an hour to perform. The truth is, it’s a quick and simple procedure that doesn’t take too much time. We know incisions under the nose sound intense and like scarring is inevitable. Don’t worry; the incisions for a lip lift are small and well-hidden underneath the nose. 


Look, we know that no one is excited about the recovery portion of surgery. While the results are worth it, recovery is something no one wants to experience with any procedure. But a lip lift only requires a little downtime and rest. This may sound vague, but after two weeks, the swelling will go down, and after a month or so, the incisions will heal and can be covered with makeup.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lip lift is a permanent procedure. Yeah, you heard that right. You never have to worry about getting lip fillers to keep up the look or having a second procedure to ensure your lips stay perfectly pouty. Aging can affect the size of your lips, but this is normal for anyone.

There really aren’t specific qualifications for a lip lift, Raleigh. If you love the big, plump lip aesthetic and are struggling to find a natural fix, then you should look into the surgery. If you want bigger, plumper, bow-shaped lips, a lip lift may be the perfect solution.

Let’s talk about price. We know many cosmetic surgeries seem overpriced and not worth the cost. But when you think about surgery around your face, you probably don’t want the cost-saving option. At JIYA Cosmetics, a lip lift with Dr. Jindal starts at $4,000, but a lip plus corner lift starts at $5,000.

Dr. Sumeet Jindal - Oculoplastic Raleigh, NC

A Lip Lift With Dr. Jindal

Listen, cosmetic surgery doesn’t have to be a strange, sterile process that leaves you relieved when it’s over. At JIYA Cosmetics, we believe the opposite should be the case. We strive to create a comfortable and transparent environment, no matter the surgery you choose. Dr. Jindal helps you find the perfect lip lift for your goals. (You can put down the lip-plumping gel now.)