How Much Is Bosley Hair Transplant?

Bosley is a specific brand of hair transplant with locations and physicians around the United States. Having become recognizable within the hair transplant space, it can be difficult to separate the procedure from the brand. Thus, many patients will unknowingly enter any cosmetic surgeon’s office and ask for a Bosley hair transplant. While Bosley has specific offices, most surgeons who offer hair transplant surgery do offer a technique basically identical to the Bosley technique. Therefore, let’s look at the cost of the typical Bosley hair transplant and compare it to one not branded as such.


Cost Of A Bosley Hair Transplant

A Bosley hair transplant surgery costs an average of $10,000. This is fairly on par with other procedures not part of the Bosley brand. The cost fluctuates depending on the number of hair grafts needed and other specifics of the procedure. Dr. Jindal works to find the least invasive option that will offer good results within your specific budget.


The Bosley Hair Transplant Technique

Bosley offers surgical and non-surgical hair restoration solutions. These involve the FUT and FUE hair transplant methods which are not specific to Bosley. Dr. Jindal regularly performs both FUT and FUE hair transplants in his Raleigh, North Carolina based office. He also offers several non-surgical solutions for patients to explore and potentially combine with their procedure.


FUT Hair Transplant

A FUT hair transplant—or follicular unit transplantation—involves removing a strip of skin from the back of the head (donor area). Dr. Jindal then separates the strip into units containing a few hairs each. He then transplants these into the treatment area. While this is an older technique, there are advantages such as yielding more grafts. However, it does have a higher possibility of scarring in comparison to other hair transplants and restoration techniques.


FUE Hair Transplant

A FUE hair transplant—or follicular unit extraction—specifically targets individual follicular units to remove and transplant. This thins the donor area without being overly noticeable and comes with a much smaller risk of scarring. The units are then transplanted into the treatment area. Occasionally, surgeons like Dr. Jindal use technology to assist them in identifying the best follicles for transplant.


Non-Surgical Options

Bosley and Dr. Jindal also offer many non-surgical options. Though, the non-surgical options at Bosley are significantly more limited than at the Jindal Institute for Youthful Aging. Dr. Jindal always tries to find the least invasive option possible. This may include prescription medications, injection treatments, and other options.



The Jindal Institute for Youthful Aging is Raleigh’s top destination for regenerative medicine procedures including hair restoration and transplantation. Dr. Jindal is an expert surgeon who is precise and uses top new technology to identify the best way to perform the procedure for optimal results. Patients can explore their hair transplant options by making a consultation appointment with Dr. Sumeet Jindal.


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Dr. Sumeet Jindal
Dr. Sumeet Jindal
Dr. Jindal is a board certified surgeon who offers surgical and non-surgical cosmetic services in Raleigh, North Carolina.