When Can You Get A Haircut After A Hair Transplant?


Patients often look forward to the first haircut after a hair transplant for many reasons. With more style options, the worry of attempting to cover your thinning hair with certain techniques disappears. But when can you experience the wonderful occasion of your first haircut after a hair transplant? Various elements impact the answer. 


After Hair Transplant Haircut Men vs. Women 

How long you should wait before getting a haircut varies between men and women. Men’s hair is typically shorter and closer to the scalp, which puts them at risk of disrupting the transfer sites with a haircut. Men should give their scalps at least three weeks to heal before getting a haircut. 

Women tend to keep their hair longer than men, which means there is less risk of a haircut disrupting the transfer sites during a haircut. Women can typically get a haircut sooner than men after a hair transplant. However,  women must still give their scalps adequate time to heal and adjust to the new hair. In both cases, it is common for the transplanted hair to fall out during the healing process, but it will grow back as new, healthy hair.  


After Hair Transplant Haircut FUT vs. FUE 

The timing of a haircut after a hair transplant also depends on the type of hair transplant you received. Patients who undergo a FUT hair transplant typically need to let their hair grow for a while before getting a haircut. This is due to the long, linear scars from the FUT method. The hair should grow long enough to cover the scars before cutting the hair. If you cut it too soon, the scars will become visible, and most don’t want them to be seen after a FUT hair transplant. 

There is almost no scalp shaving for those who undergo an FUE hair transplant. Some patients shave their scalp before an FUE hair transplant, but this is unnecessary. However, for their FUE transplant to heal appropriately, they should allow their scalp to heal before having any haircut or instruments close to their scalp. 

In both cases, as long as a patient is healthy, healing properly, and satisfied with their results, getting a haircut three weeks after a hair transplant is acceptable. Communication with your cosmetic surgeon is the most important factor in knowing when to get a haircut. Dr. Jindal can advise individual patients and their unique cases on when to get a haircut. 


What About Dyeing and Bleaching? 

It is best to wait much longer than three weeks before having other cosmetic hair treatments like dyeing and bleaching. Typically, a patient has to wait for six weeks before being able to dye or bleach their hair. Dye and bleach are hard on hair and could damage the hair from the transplant and cause hair loss. 



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Dr. Sumeet Jindal
Dr. Sumeet Jindal
Dr. Jindal is a board certified surgeon who offers surgical and non-surgical cosmetic services in Raleigh, North Carolina.