Price Match Opportunity

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At JIYA, we value providing the best procedures to our patients. Thus, we continue to offer new services and new ways to make our procedures more accessible to all who may need them. As one of the top providers of hair transplants in the Raleigh area, we are always working to go beyond patient expectations and satisfaction.

We are excited to now offer price matching for our hair transplant surgery. Hair loss is one of the most common conditions in the United States and many may be held back from getting quality hair transplants because of financial concerns. Our price matching opportunity offers the same high quality hair transplant surgery JIYA is known for, while also making it more affordable.

If you find a licensed provider offering a comparable procedure, we are happy to match it as long as it meets our basic quality and safety standards. We want to ensure that patients get the right and safest procedure for them. If the quote is for a different hair restoration procedure or one which the patient does not qualify for, we cannot match it. JIYA can price match robotic hair transplant and FUE hair transplant procedures.

Dr. Jindal is dedicated to providing the best possible service and providing accessible and affordable care. JIYA maintains high standards for patient care and safety. If you have any questions or want to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jindal, please reach out to the JIYA team.

Thank you for choosing the Jindal Institute For Youthful Aging and letting us be part of your hair restoration journey. We understand this is an extremely personal decision to make and we aim to support you at every stage.

Disclaimer: Price matching is subject to certain conditions such as the patient must be eligible for the procedure as determined by their JIYA provider. JIYA will only match quotes from within the U.S. Quotes from outside of the United States will not be matched. Price matching will only occur if the patient can provide a written quote from a business email or with an official letterhead. It also must specify the type of hair transplantation surgery (robotic, FUE, etc.), the treatment areas, and the number of grafts. JIYA retains the right to verify price quotes.