Neck Lift Recovery: Things To Know Before & After Neck Lift

Recovery from a neck lift surgery is one of the utmost concerns for many patients coming in for an initial consultation. Dr. Jindal will provide you with a neck lift recovery timeline based on your medical history and specific procedure. However, most patients tend to recover well and can return to work about a week into their neck lift surgery recovery. Returning to full-intensity exercise may take between six and eight weeks. Most activities can resume after two weeks. This true for nearly recovery from neck surgery.  

Neck Lift Recovery Timeline & What to Expect

Neck Lift Surgery Day

Dr. Jindal performs his facial plastic surgeries under local anesthesia. This helps ease the recovery from neck lift surgery on the first day. You will receive prescriptions for pain medication and should rest for the first 24 hours following surgery. Patients are required to have a caregiver during this time. Light walking is fine and encouraged, but do not partake in unnecessary exercise or activity during recovery from neck surgery.

Second Day of Neck Lift Surgery Recovery

On the second day of your recovery, you will likely notice side effects as they tend to be at their worst between days two and four days post surgery. These side effects may include bruising, swelling, tenderness, general pain, and tightness. Dr. Jindal may instruct you to wear a compression garment to help with these side effects as well as taking medications to address pain. He may also recommend IV therapy or natural remedies such as Arnica to help reduce side effects.

Neck Lift Recovery After 2-3 Days

Within the first week of your recovery from neck surgery, you should notice side effects begin to subside. After two to three days, most patients are beginning to feel more like themselves. You will also likely have a post-operative appointment during this time where Dr. Jindal will examine the incisions and your healing progress. Dr. Jindal will also discuss when you can return to work and your full daily activities.

Second Week of Neck Lift Recovery

By your second week of recovering from your neck lift surgery recovery, most patient can return to sedentary work or on light duty. It is also likely that you will have discontinued use of pain medication by this point. While some mild side effects may still be present, usually after ten to fourteen days, patients can use makeup to cover them and go out without worry of their recovery from neck surgery being noticeable.

Third Week Recovery From Neck Lift

The third week of your neck lift recovery timeline will often not be too different from the second week. However, by this point, the side effects like swelling, bruising, and redness should have resolved or reduced significantly. If you needed stitches removed, Dr. Jindal will often do this before or around week three. Nearly all patients have returned to work by this point in recovery from neck surgery and most exercise is okay.

Fourth Week of Neck Lift Recovery

Week four of neck lift surgery recovery is the first where Dr. Jindal may completely clear you for all activity including lifting, full range of motion, and intensive cardio. Your incisions should also be closed over and you will not need to continue many at-home neck lift surgery recovery instructions such as elevating the head of your bed or wearing your neck wrap. Though, some patients such as those who smoke, who have diabetes, or anyone with similar medical conditions, may see a slower rate of healing during recovery from neck lift.

Your New Neck

After about eight weeks, you should see the final results of your neck lift in Raleigh. While the neck will continue to settle and some residual swelling may be present, this is generally not noticeable to an untrained eye. Dr. Jindal will continue to follow up with your recovery from neck lift surgery for about a year to ensure you have seen good results and that your neck lift recovery timeline has matched expectations.

8 Tips To Promote A Quicker Recovery From Neck Lift Surgery

1). Wear Your Chin Strap During your recovery from neck lift surgery, Dr. Jindal will provide a chin strap or similar garment to wear. This helps reduce swelling and promote ideal settling of the skin. Immediately after surgery, you will need to wear it constantly. However, throughout your neck lift recovery timeline, you can begin wearing it less. 2). Keep Your Head Elevated Following any facial plastic surgery, Dr. Jindal will recommend elevating the head of your bed when you sleep and rest. This helps reduce swelling and is generally more supportive for the surgical area. Even once visible swelling has resolved, you may continue to elevate your head. Usually, you can discontinue this after a few weeks into your neck lift surgery recovery. 3). Use An Ice Pack For the first few days of your recovery from neck surgery, it is okay to use an ice pack for pain and swelling. However, always make sure there is a barrier between your neck and the ice pack such as a towel or clothing. You will want to limit the use of an ice pack during your recovery, but it is generally okay for 48 hours into your recovery from neck lift surgery. 4). Avoid Strenuous Activity Like with all facial plastic surgery, a neck lift recovery timeline involves a time where you will need to avoid any type of strenuous activity. This is not limited to purposeful exercise, but can apply to anything that may cause you to sweat or become short of breath. If you have questions about the activities you need to avoid during your recovery from neck surgery, make sure to ask Dr. Jindal. 5). Avoid Hot Showers Dr. Jindal usually recommends taking a shower the day of or night before your neck lift surgery. This is because it is generally advised that patients do not take a shower for around 48 hours into their neck lift surgery recovery. Even when you are cleared to shower, you will want to make sure the water is not too hot because like with exercise, this can cause sweating or irritation to the surgical site. 6). Wear Comfortable and Loose Clothes On the day of surgery, you will want to wear comfortable and loose clothing, particularly a top you do not need to put over your head. This will not only make it easier for you to get dressed, but avoids unnecessary discomfort and allows you to keep clothing away from the neck by leaving it unbuttoned or unzipped in that area for the duration of your neck lift surgery recovery. 7). Avoid Sun Exposure Avoiding sun exposure during your recovery from neck lift surgery may seem like an odd recommendation. However, it helps reduce the changes of visible or raised scarring. Also, if you get sunburned at the surgical area, not only is this uncomfortable, but it can also hinder the healing process. Thus, if you go out, do your best to cover the incisions and surgical area. You can also apply SPF once the incisions are adequately healed over. This usually after about three weeks into your recovery from neck surgery. 8). Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle Eating well and staying hydrated are helpful for any type of surgical recovery, including a neck lift surgery recovery. At first, you may only be able to eat a bland or liquid diet, but as your side effects subside and you discontinue use of prescribed medications, you will find it easier to maintain a healthy diet during your recovery from neck surgery. This can also help reduce your neck lift recovery timeline.
Dr. Sumeet Jindal
Dr. Sumeet Jindal
Dr. Jindal is a board certified surgeon who offers surgical and non-surgical cosmetic services in Raleigh, North Carolina.