How Many Facelifts Can You Have In A Lifetime?

Facelift surgery removes extra skin from the lower face and neck. This helps address sagging skin due to aging and loss of skin elasticity. A facelift typically takes place between ages 45 and 65 with the mid-fifties being the average age for a first facelift. Some may never undergo a facelift again because patients will permanently look younger, even as they continue to age. However, some patients do choose to undergo subsequent facelifts to further improve their results. So, how many facelifts can you have in a lifetime?


Understanding How Facelifts Work

Facelift surgery involves making an incision near or behind the ear. From there, the skin is removed and tightened through these incisions. Often, the underlying muscles and tissues are pulled tight and a small amount removed as well. A good facelift surgeon removes just the right amount of skin to maintain a natural result.


As time goes on, the face will continue to age. The previously tightened skin will begin to sag again. In many cases, another facelift can be performed. However, this is dependent on the specifics of the patient’s first facelift, their current anatomy, and their skin quality, among other factors.


How Many Facelifts?

It is not unheard of for patients to undergo two or three facelifts. Occasionally, you will find patients who have undergone four or so facelifts. This is rare though and many surgeons consider three to be a good upper limit for a facelift Raleigh, NC.


This does not account for revision facelifts that may be performed to address issues with a previous facelift surgery. Some may refer to subsequent facelifts as “revisions.” However, these types of facelifts are not exactly revision since it is expected that the patient will continue to age following any facelift surgery.


How Do I Get The Best Facelift?

Finding the best facelift involves research and meeting with multiple surgeons. Here are a few additional tips for getting the best facelift:

  • Do not opt for the cheapest facelift you can find
  • Research to understand the procedure itself before meeting with surgeons
  • Know what you want from a facelift Raleigh, NC
  • Look at before and after photos of surgeons you are considering
  • Ensure you are in general good health before surgery
  • Consider whether local or general anesthesia is the best fit for you


Ultimately, it is important to go into a facelift consultation well informed and with prepared questions. This allows both you and the surgeon to evaluate your candidacy and fitness for a facelift based on their offerings.



Dr. Sumeet Jindal at the Jindal Institute for Youthful Aging is a facial cosmetic surgeon who performs facelifts under local anesthesia. Offering patients the results of a facelift with a shorter recovery period and few side effects makes Dr. Jindal and JIYA a highly sought out cosmetic surgeon in Raleigh, NC. To learn more and schedule a consultation with Dr. Jindal, call us at (919) 861-4494 ext. 3, email [email protected], chat online, or submit a Price Simulator quote.

Dr. Sumeet Jindal
Dr. Sumeet Jindal
Dr. Jindal is a board certified surgeon who offers surgical and non-surgical cosmetic services in Raleigh, North Carolina.